All About Me

About Me: Abridged

A thirty-something year old reader who enjoys travelling whenever the opportunity arises. When that’s not possible a book will more than will the gap! 

About Me: Unabridged

I have been a book lover from before I can remember.

I’m told I had mastered the reading basics well before I started school. There, many of my earliest memories involve books in some way. I have a vividly clear memory of sitting in the ‘house corner’ of my first classroom utterly uninterested in the dolls or pretending to cook. I was happy with a copy of “Dear Zoo” purloined from the tiny library.

 Quickly afterwards I demonstrated a radical misunderstanding between the difference between the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas when I requested the complete Paddington Bear stories instead of an egg for Easter.

 Up until I was eight my favourite ‘make believe’ game involved blocking access to the area under our stairs and pretending it was the entry to a revolving set of different worlds. (Enid Blyton was an early favourite!) I was the kid who brought a book to the dinner table. The kid who would have spent all my pocket money in the book shop if  allowed.


 What I wasn’t however was a natural traveller. We were lucky and sunny holidays in Spain were a regular part of my childhood. However appalling travel sickness that continued long after I got off a plane meant longer trips were not possible. Travelling was always something to be viewed with a sense of trepidation. As much and this frustrated and worried my parents it really did not matter to me. Sitting in my favourite spot in the living room I travelled to Prince Edward Island with Anne, Finland with the Moomintrolls and got lost in the Australian outback with Dot.

Fast forward a fair bit and I finally grew out of the travel sickness (mostly) and instead succumbed to the travel bug instead.  However, as much I like being on the road and use my work annual leave wisely the vast bulk of my travel, is much as in years gone by, done from an armchair and between the pages of a good book.