Book Review – The Roanoke Girls

September 15, 2018|Book Reviews-Fiction|0 comments

The Roanoke Girls is difficult to review. It’s well written and whilst I don’t really buy it as a mystery I do think it was well paced and exceedingly compelling. That said it really was too dark for me and it felt strangely lacking in the kind of resolution I was hoping for.  

Book Review – What Girls are Made of

September 11, 2018|Book Reviews-Fiction|0 comments

What Girls are Made of is not an easy book to read. It is not happy or uplifting. It is full of the kind of subject matters that come with trigger warnings; abortion, emotionally abusive relationships, highly sexual content and animal cruelty. It is however much more than a set of issues put together in a timely novel. It is messy and honest and along with the powerful authors note

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